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•  Over 100 authentic Italian cooking classes delivered in the course of 12 months



•  Step by step video and written instructions for every cooking class  



•  PRINT recipe instructions to create your own personal cookbook 



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ANNUAL Online Membership:  $250 $200







______________________________________________________ Authentic Italian Cooking Membership


Brought Directly to Your Kitchen via Internet 



The mystique of Italian Cuisine comes from an old world understanding of how the dish is meant to be and has always been, give or take a personal touch here and there—an understanding that can be passed on only through hands-on demonstration, person-to-person, generation to generation. The Italian “Nonna” would be hard pressed to write down her recipe for polpette/meatballs or any other family specialty: She knows by practice and instinct when heft and consistency, smell and taste have reached that perfect point and she teaches her daughters and granddaughters and—okay—even her grandsons, too, exactly what the dish should look, taste and smell like. If one does not come from an Italian family, the only way to experience the intimacy of hands-on cooking lessons and thereby learn the secrets of Italian cuisine is through seeking out a master chef most likely through traveling to an over-priced Italian cooking school


Now with the advances of internet video-technology, it is possible to recapture the hands-on lessons in Italian cooking that Nonna learned from her nonna—right in your own cucina/kitchen.  Chef Nancy Scala presents a series of cooking courses that explore everything from the perfect cup of cioccolata calda to full course trattoria meals and holiday feasts.  Each course involves a series of state-of-the-art videos which illustrate the preparation of classic Italian recipes beginning with clear guidelines for choosing and measuring the freshest of ingredients, then following through with demonstrations of mixing and cooking methods.  Nancy also provides history and anecdotes regarding the dishes—as well as insight into the region and culture behind them. 


The Ardesco membership will include authentic recipes from across the 20 regions of Italy, covering Antipasti/ Appetizers, Primi Piatti / First Course meals, Secondi Piatti / Main Course meals, Dolci / Desserts.  Caponata di Melanzane, Peperoni Ripieni, Linguine ai Frutti di Mare, Branzino in Crosta di Sale Marino….the elegant fare you have come to expect from only the finest Italian restaurants will be made accessible to you in a step-by-step process that will make even intricate cooking maneuvers clear and easy to follow. 


As Ardesco members, you will have access to the members area and all course material for an entire year.


This unique opportunity to cook with Nancy in the privacy of your own kitchen is being offered for a special introductory rate of only $200. 


We are also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your coursework for any reason, we will refund your money if you cancel within 30 days.


We at Ardesco and Chef Nancy Scala in particular invite you to an experience that will wake up your senses, your curiosity, your appetite and your palette for fine foods.  The oven is preheating, the pasta water has been put on to boil.  Pull out your apron and your measuring spoons.  Sign up now and let's begin the culinary adventure!  



ANNUAL Online Membership:  $250 $200